The best method for quickly obtaining approval of your financial paperwork

To gain clearance for accounting documents, streamline your workflow rather than sending a ton of emails.

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Create a workflow for approvals

Create a customized automated process for your organization.

  • For each phase, create an approval matrix

    You can add as many approvers as you like to each step's approval process, which has its own set of approval guidelines.

  • Add as many approval steps as you like

    Simply enter the necessary number to reflect your approval process, then you are free to have as many phases as you desire.

  • Determine who will authorize each step.

    Add the approvers and indicate who must approve each type of document, for example, the Marketing Director must approve all expenses for the Marketing Department.


Audit trail and reporting

Set up customizable reports and receive automated audit trails.

  • Reports for automated audits

    A thorough audit report is generated automatically and posted to the general ledger along with every approved document.

  • Integrated and personalized reports

    In Norakle, you can easily build new reports using a variety of filters while also generating reports on documents that are waiting to be authorized, documents that have already been approved, and potential fraud detection.

  • Secure Data Handling

    Data privacy and security are our top priorities. Norakle uses cutting-edge encryption and security procedures to safeguard your sensitive data during reporting and audits, assuring secure storage and careful treatment.


Document approval

Regardless of where you are, review and approve invoices and purchase orders.

  • Approve in the web-app

    Look through all the documents that need your approval by using the "Requires my decision" folder.

  • Approve via mobile app

    With our software, you may make decisions without being in the office because you have all the documents waiting for your approval, along with the necessary information, right at your fingertips.

  • Approve from an email

    The email alerts will have all the document's information, and you may utilize the "Approve" or "Reject" buttons there to make a decision right away.


Why are people using Norakle Approval Software

Be careful and avoid letting approvers access your accounting system

By limiting the information that decision-makers see to that which is necessary for the papers they must approve, ApprovalMax makes it simple to protect your data.

Manage your authority delegation with adaptable approval workflows

At each stage of approval, establish routines and rules for decision-makers. Your delegation of authority policy can be automated by our software regardless of how complicated it is.

Gain from audit reports produced automatically

By automatically including audit reports with all authorized accounting system documents, you can streamline the auditing procedure. 'Read-only access' to all approval workflows can also be granted to auditors.

Our Clients

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