Maintain Assets Effectively With Asset Management Module

Our asset management module makes it simple for your team to keep track of your assets lifespan from acquisition to disposal by streamlining asset tracking and upkeep. you can minimize downtime and raise the profitability of your company.

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Use Asset Software To Control Your Business

Streamlined Asset Management

Asset management operations including asset tracking, maintenance planning, and other asset management tasks are automated by asset ERP software, which boosts productivity and lowers manual errors.

Better Financial Management

Accounting software that connects with asset ERP software offers a comprehensive picture of costs associated with assets, depreciation, and other financial data.

Overall, asset ERP software provides a centralized platform for managing your business assets, reducing manual errors, improving efficiency, and providing real-time visibility into asset performance. With improved collaboration, financial management, and compliance management, you can take control of your business and optimize your asset performance.

Easy to use Features on Norakle Asset Software

Asset Tracking

You can quickly locate your assets and keep track of how they are being used in real-time, allowing you to pinpoint areas that could use optimization. This can help prevent loss, theft, or damage to assets.

Maintenance Scheduling

With this module, you can plan repairs and schedule maintenance for your assets, ensure equipments follow industry regulations and standards, which will extend their lifespan.

Analytics and Reporting

You can create reports and execute real-time data analysis to get a complete picture of your asset performance. Gain a competitive advantage by making data-driven decisions and staying ahead.


The procurement, inventory management, and accounting modules of our ERP are all seamlessly integrated with our asset management module to give you a complete picture of your company's activities.

Benefits of Norakle Asset

Track Asset Location

Easily track the physical location of your assets, including any changes in their movements, and reduce the risk of loss or theft.

Monitor Asset Usage

You can monitor how your assets are being used. This helps you identify opportunities to optimize asset utilization and reduce maintenance costs.

Increased Asset Lifespan

By tracking asset usage and scheduling regular maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your assets, reduce downtime, and save on repair costs.

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Norakle Asset management software is a software that assists companies in successfully and efficiently managing their assets. It offers a single platform for managing, tracking, and upkeep of all firm resources, including tools, machinery, equipment, and other resources. Asset tracking, maintenance planning, and reporting are just a few of the asset-related operations that asset management software in an ERP system automates and streamlines, cutting down on manual errors and increasing productivity. Businesses are able to make wise decisions about their assets and maximize their use because of the real-time visibility it provides into asset performance.

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