Build Long-lasting Customer Relationship With Norakle CRM

Do you want to build loyalty, manage customers or maintain a healthy and long-lasting customer relationship? Norakle CRM is your best option to achieve that.

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How We Now Aid Firms In Expanding

Read about some of the benefits our customers are experiencing.


Increased Efficiency

Norakle helps manage your business processes, which increases efficiency and allows you to focus on other important organizational tasks.

Increased Revenues and Sales

Norakle helps your company track the growth of your revenues and sales, giving you an advantage to continuously improve on your company's revenue and sales.

Topnotch Customer Service

Norakle gives you the opportunity to give your customers premium customer service, by tracking their orders and responding to them quickly on any complaints raised.

Norakle CRM Features

Customer Engagement and Ticketing System

Customers are not left behind any event that goes on in the company in relation to customer involvement. Norakle makes customer support representatives work easier.

Customer Quotation and Invoicing

Norakle helps you to send a concise quotation to your customers, which helps you to streamline your sales process and improve your company's consistency.

Customer Receipt and Supplier Payment

We give you a platform to process your payments to your suppliers and record of it for reference purposes. Your customer receipts are also generated on our CRM system.

Marketing Automatic (Email, SMS)

Norakle automates repetitive communication tasks, such as sending follow-up messages. This frees up time for businesses to focus on higher-value tasks such as strategy.

Report and Insights (Sales)

We generate your company's sales reports, giving you the opportunity to make better decisions to improve your sales.

Expense Management

Norakle allows you to create budget, manage your company's expenses, by keeping records on the expenses made.

Sales Activity Management

Norakle manages and records your business sales activity, and generates a concise report on the sales the company has made.

Task Management

We manage your business processes, tasks and workflows on our system and they're backed up for recovery.

Customer Support

Norakle provides you with a service that responds to customers” complaints in record time. Improving the relationship on both sides.

Contact Management

Norakle manages customer’s information by storing it in a centralized location leading to better relationship and improved trust.


Use our CRM to Improve Your Customers Satisfaction and Increase Revenue

A CRM software optimizes your relationship with customers, make sales processes and opportunities more efficient and maintain updated information of your customers.

Norakle Software automates your customers journey, workflows, provide positive insight, increase efficiency and build lasting relationships with your customers. This culminates in customer loyalty which positively impacts on the business.

Norakle CRM Pricing and Features

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Our Clients

Norakle CRM System

Norakle CRM System is one of our packages which aids the improvement of customers' relationship with your business. There are a lot of benefits that come with this package, such as; customer engagement, customer support, sales activity management, expenses management, provision of positive insights to further the growth of your business, etc. The use of this system in your business will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations.

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