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Norakle Cloud-based software offers a rich collection of features that are totally unique. We have worked with many types and sizes of businesses in achieving seamless management and control of their inventory.

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What Makes Norakle Inventory Stand Out?

Never have to worry about stockouts in any of your business location through our system in-built automatic notification for safety stock levels. Enjoy fast recognition of stocks, automatic identification and implementation of data.

Norakle Inventory is a sophisticated and yet simple solution that supports any type and any size of business. Our system is designed to give you the functionality you need, when you need it and on any device.

well-integrated features that ensures exponential increase in sales through smooth monitoring and transfer of inventory from one location to another. Enables efficient customer service that increases customer retention.

Simple To Use Features On Norakle Inventory Software

Product Category

Easily access and track your stock irrespective of the size through our system’s categorization and customized product catalogs easily.

Goods Received Notes

Save time and money by reducing manual data entry and processing through our system’s automatic document management.

Goods Transfer Notes

Generation of Goods Transfer Note easily as products reduces from the warehouse using the warehouse management tools from our system.


Improve management of your suppliers’ network and supply base by using our system’s supplier interface to communicate, monitor and follow up on orders, hence, ensuring cost optimization.

Stock Order Form

Prevent over or under ordering of stock through our system’s automated means of the generation of Stock Order Forms. Also helps to save time and increase rate of stock replenishment.

Delivery Note

Automate your calculation of the total cost of items, while simultaneously calculating the real-time delivery cost. And avoid extra delivery cost on damaged goods-in-transit, overdelivery and more.

Item Setup

Enjoy stress-free and well-organized process in the completion of transaction forms. Setting up items is a breeze with product categories that are easily created, edited and selected.

Purchase Day Book

Buying inventory for cash means it would have an accounting entry, Norakle Inventory with the integration of your accounting software makes this highly simple to record.

Goods Recieved Confirmation

Ensures consistency in the number of items and their cost on both the purchase order and invoice through automatic comparison of invoice received after an order has been sent.

Stock & Price Request

Enhance your sales system by using our Cloud-based system to simultaneously track sales and inventory, hence, giving the necessary and up-to-date details on product and price.

Return Outward

Efficiently manage your reverse supply chain and improve communication within your organization. Helps to also keep track of inventory level and updates inventory adjustments.

Price Adjustment

Avoid the lengthening process of inventory price adjustment by carrying the process out with just a few clicks right on the item’s interface. And also easily update quantity available where needed.

Norakle Inventory Pricing and Features

Annually Monthly







Subscription per month

Subscription per annum



Subscription per month

Subscription per annum



Subscription per month

Subscription per annum

Users 3 User 5 Users 15 Users
Warehousing 2 Locations 3 Locations 5 Locations
Order/Month 1500 7500 15000
Storage 50GB 100GB 250GB
Portal(s) Customer Starter + Grow +
Product and Service Category Supplier Supplier Performance Index
Products Management & Tracking Automated Assemblies (workflow) Suppliers’ Statements & Reports
Product & Price Request Purchase Orders Supplier Invoice & Payment Management
Goods Transfer Management
Quantity & Price Adjustment
Item Movement Tracking
Basic Accounting
Add-on Per User







Add-on Warehousing







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Norakle Inventory System helps to greatly enhance your productivity, invoicing, sales and customer service, thereby, leaving your customers, salespersons and warehouse manager happy all the time. The QR Reader integrated into the Norakle Inventory System allows you to generate invoices on the spot, understand and share product specification, communicate real-time product information to your customers.

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