Norakle Value Added Service

Our Human Resource Management System manages the entire post recruitment HR functions starting from on-boarding to final separation. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, Norakle HR gives you the time and insights to focus on your most important asset— your people.




Mobile-ready applicant tracking to help find, evaluate, and hire the right people as quickly as possible.


A full suite of automated preboarding and onboarding tools so you can focus less on forms and more on creating better first days.

Personnel Information Management

Simplify your HR records, centralizing all your employee information, no matter where you're located in the world.

Leave/ Time off Management

The ability to manage leave and create multiple leave types depending on company or state policies is essential, especially if your organization is located across a number of countries.

Travel & Expense Tracker

Norakle manages employee travel requests, expense claims and travel claims quickly and easily. Allows you to create specific expense forms to correspond with expense types.

Time & Attendance Management

Track the time utilization, pay rules overtime for projects and employees’ work efficiency through our flexible time module. Norakle Time Attendance support Biometric integrations.

Disciplinary Tracking

Promote a safe, ethical and professional working culture with our disciplinary tracking features. This module allows you to create and track disciplinary cases, as well as determine the most appropriate action in each case, whether that be verbal or written warnings, suspension or termination.


Consolidate multiple payslips per pay period for a single printable payslip, automatically calculate pro-rata earnings and deductions based on start and termination dates, minimum net pay feature, etc.

Content management

Attach employee and company documents to any records in the system, all uploaded documents are stored in the database to ensure they are secure and backed up.

Employee management

Create multiple records for a single employee, Create new employees (or terminate old ones) with built-in checklists, Use the Transfer Wizard to easily move employees between companies, policies.

Performance /Culture

A new approach to performance management and the latest tools for measuring engagement help you champion culture and drive organizational growth. Unless you work directly with your employees, it can be hard to judge how they perform.

What Makes Norakle HRM Stand Out?

Online Enrolment

Say goodbye to paper enrolment forms once and for all. Now employees can self-enroll by entering all their information in a single online system. You’ll never have to chase them again.

Cutting back on risk by reducing errors

Norakle HR gives you real-time design and easily-monitored processing. The risk of human error is significantly reduced with this high-tech business management solution.

Smart design

Custom-built software of this capacity costs far more to build and a much longer time to implement, but Norakle is designed with simplicity, speed, and efficiency in mind.

Focus more on serving your clients.

Employees can apply for leave, manage their claims, manage personal details, view and print their payslips, complete performance reviews, start workflows, etc.

Never worry about calculating

Stop worrying about compliance. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always paying and remitting taxes accurately and on time. Plus, keep the Employment Standards folks happy with 100% compliance for vacation, over-time, and statutory holiday pay.

HR + Time Attendance + Payroll

Norakle unifies HR + Time Attendance + Payroll into a simplified, personalized, secured, all-in-one