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Norakle Payroll is all that you need to administer payroll seamlessly for your organization. With features that allow you to structure your payroll process to suit your organization, you can’t get overworked or out of options.

24/7 Expert Support

Enjoy simplified payroll process with our free uninterrupted support to help you through any difficult process.

Flexible Salary Disbursement

Enhance the disbursement of salaries through our system’s easy generation of handwritten or printable paycheques.

Employee Portal Access

Allow employee secured online accessibility to their paystubs, pay history and payroll information

More Features That Gives You A Better Organizational Structure

Web-based and Mobile-friendly Application

User-friendly Interfaces

Reconciliation Tools

Automated Inputs

Payroll Checklist

Customized Payslips

Complete Statutory Compliance (deductions for WHT, PIT, SST etc.)


The integrated features in our stress-free solution is everything you need to manage and organize your payroll process.

Finish Pay Runs in a click

Payday can be really stressful, however, our system helps to simplify this process. You spend less time and achieve more with just a click, after setting up your paydays and schedule.

Share Secured Payslips Online

Easily generate password-protected payslips that can be accessed either online and downloaded in PDF formats.

Disburse Salaries Online

Make employees’ happier by making payments promptly through paycheques or cash.

Get Up-to-date Notifications

Be in charge of your payroll operations. Norakle payroll helps you be in the know about your confirmed payroll process, upcoming tax submission dates, scheduled salary increment dates.

Apply Custom Deductions to Payslips

Manage employees’ voluntary and mandatory payroll deductions including the application of pre-tax and post-tax deductions, and additions which include bonuses, commissions and more

Automate Loan Management

Improve the management of loans taken by employees through automated tracking of loans and periodical deductions of loan instalments from employees’ pay.


Want to Get Started?

Have no worries about your data migration. We offer efficient 24/7 support in helping you get your new payroll system up and running in no time. And if you choose to do it yourself, our customized template helps you import new and existing employee and required organization details effortlessly.