Norakle Accounting Software

Manage your business finance with our robust accounting system

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Allowing You to Expand Quickly.

Run Your Business On-The-Go

Access our smart software on any device. You can stay connected with your business irrespective of your location.

Easy To Use Powerful Features

Allows you have a smooth ride from sales and purchases to cash flow, accounts preparation and reporting.

Enjoy 100% Security

Norakle cloud-based accounting software gives security of data by ensuring minimal fraud activities through prompt detection and tracking of fraud.

What you Stand to Enjoy

An accounting software made just for your business

work process
  • Easy and detailed track of expenses

    Avoid time wasting tracking of receipts and easily have your eye on spendings. With Norakle Accounting comprehensive dashboard, you can at a glance know the details of your expenses per day, week, month and year.

  • Improve Negotiation and Collaboration with Client

    Foster closer and better relationship with your customers by sharing recent transactions and getting their feedback. And also have an account for your regular customers so as to create recurring invoices for them.

  • Spend Less Time on Accounting and more on your Business

    Get optimal use of your time by spending more time making informed decisions from easy monitoring of your cash flow than wasting it on tracing and making calculations from different invoices.

  • Get Comprehensive and Real-time Accounting Report

    Be able to easily organize and plan your expenses as at when refunds and returns are made, have well structured and sophisticated accounts that in details give a real-time update on your cash flow.

Why Norakle Accounting Software?

A business's growth is as good as it's accounting management; Norakle Accounting Management Software stands to offer


Customized Invoice Generation

Create customized invoices adding your business logo, changing fonts and using built in features to reflect your brand in a professional style. Also set invoices on loop for regular customers.


Sales Order Management

Quickly prepare customized sales orders from approved estimates by using a template to set the layout and fonts, add your business logo and inventory items, and then directly send it to your customer’s email.


Purchase Order Management

Prepare customized purchase orders quickly by using a template to set the layout and fonts, add your business logo and inventory items, and then directly send it to your supplier’s email.



Track and categorize your expenses to know your business financial strength and make informed decisions. Also helps you capture, claim and manage your expenses on the go.



Create a bill just at the click of a button after your purchase order is finalized. Also, for items returned to vendors, Norakle Accounting helps you to keep track of them until you receive your refund.



Prepare detailed financial reporting and budget by importing and editing an existing one or creating an entirely new one. Allows you to also compare real-time existing budget performance with previous ones, and existing financial status with past ones.

Endless Achievement Possibilities

With absolute focus on productivity, result becomes the order of the day

1. Get paid Easily and Fast

Having to create invoices, track and follow up on payments in order to know your expected pay can be stressful; Norakle Accounting automates the organizing and updating of invoices to ensure immediate forwarding of cost details.

2. Look as Professional as You like

Creating a well customized and polished invoice that reflects your brand not only makes you stand out among your competitors but also gives you a more professional look before your clients.