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Why Norakle HRM?

Now employees can self-enroll by entering all their information in a single online system. You’ll never have to chase them again.

Norakle unifies HR, Time Attendance, Payroll into a simplified, personalized, secured, all-in-one software.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re always paying and remitting taxes accurately and on time.


Use Human Resources Software To Keep An Eye On And Inspire Your Employees

Norakle helps to maintain a happy and productive workforce, effective monitoring is essential from the application and hiring process throughout the whole lifetime of your employees.

Agile HRMS, recruiting, and onboarding software solutions can greatly help in this situation. Your business will find it simpler to draw in and hire up-and-coming stars in your industry if you have efficient procedures, driven employees, and a solid reputation. With simple access to overtime, yearly leave, and absence rates in a single central, cloud-based database, automated time and attendance capabilities will enable you to better understand the working habits and requirements of your team members.

Explore HR Management Features From Norakle


Mobile-ready applicant tracking to help find, evaluate, and hire the right people as quickly as possible. save time and money while improving the quality of hires.

Leave/Time off Management

The ability to manage leave and create multiple leave types depending on company or state policies is essential, especially if your organization is located across a number of countries.

Employee Management

track employee time,attendance and performance. Create multiple records for a single employee, Create new employees (or terminate old ones) with built-in checklists.

Disciplinary Tracking

Promote a safe and professional working culture with our disciplinary tracking features. Allows you to track and take appropriate action against disciplinary cases.


A new approach to performance management and the latest tools for measuring engagement help you champion culture and drive organizational growth.

Personnel Information Management

track and Simplify your HR records, also store and organize all your employee information in a more centralized location.

Travel & Expense Tracker

track employee travel and expenses efficiently, reducing administrative overhead and improving accuracy and compliance.


A full suite of automated pre-boarding and onboarding tools so you can focus less on forms and more on creating better first days.

Time & Attendance Management

Track the time utilization, pay rules overtime for projects and employees’ work efficiency through our flexible time module. Norakle Time Attendance support Biometric integration.

Content Management

Attach employee and company documents to any records in the system, all uploaded documents are stored in the database to ensure they are secure and backed up.

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Norakle HR Management System is a set of software applications that support and automate HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle, from the hiring process to payroll, timecards to taxes, employee development to performance reviews, benefits, compliance and more. Your company can manage a wide range of people related activities all in one place, increasing efficiency, and most importantly enabling you better understand your workforce and make more decisions around it. This will result in happier, more engaged employees who ultimately perform better for your business.

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