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All You Need To Grow Your Business

Get the most from your investment by using Norakle, software built to meet your business needs.

  • Invoice
  • Payment
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Assets Management
  • and More

Best Business Software Solution

Norakle is an ERP software for small, medium and large-scale businesses; a cost effective and easy to use business management software that helps you to organize sales, improve productivity, and ensure maximum growth for your business.

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All-In-One Software Solutions

Norakle helps in the integration of all the processes of project management by balancing time, cost, and quality of projects.

All-In-One Software Solutions

Norakle helps in the integration of all the processes of project management by balancing time, cost, and quality of projects.

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Automate invoicing, subscriptions, payments and more. Track time and manage reports

Send accurate online invoices in one go with the revolutionary invoice approval process built in with Norakle online invoicing software.
It is simple and exactly what your business needs right now.

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As a business start, accounting software is one of the first business applications you need to get.

Norakle as the best accounting software helps you create invoices, record incoming and outgoing payments, identify and follow up on past-due receivables, and run reports that help you analyze your financial health and other aspects of your business.

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Norakle Payroll helps you automate payroll activities from timesheets, Loans, Tax computations, Direct deposits, Salary Structure, Staff/Employee Management, Attendance.

With Norakle’s Global Payroll, spend less time piecing together providers and platforms to pay your team. Streamline the entire process, eliminate human errors, and pay your team on time no matter where they live.

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Human Resources

Manage the entire post recruitment HR functions starting from on-boarding to final separation.

Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, Norakle HR gives you the time and insights to focus on your most important asset— your people.

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Make payday happen for your team across the globe

Norakle is one of the first and only companies to unify Contractor Payments, Employer of Record services, and Payroll Management in one easy-to-use platform. Streamlining workflows and paying your international team has never been easier.

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It’s hard to practice good inventory management techniques when you’re juggling multiple sales channels. Fortunately, Norakle makes multi-channel selling easier.

With Norakle, you can create master products within your inventory system, allowing you to update descriptions, images, branding, and more across all (or some of) your sales channels at your discretion.

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By implementing our Assets tools, you have the potential to make significant improvements in marketing efficiency, sales and customer service.

Norakle Assets allows for support and helps to deal with any incidents/issues in your organizations from the moment they are captured through to their resolution.



Solomon Ighodaro (ACA) is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN).


Adebola is an enthusiastic, proactive and result driven individual


Adetola Olamigun AAT, ACA is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)

Why Choose Us?

Norakle features help you grow, innovate, and optimise time and resources – no matter the size of your business.

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  • Customize to suit your Business

    Norakle is customizable such that you can customize it to suit your taste and business needs.

  • Online and Offline Usage

    Norakle provide Offline and Online Deployment, Our Offline Integration can be synchronized when connected online.

  • QR-Code / Bar-Code Integration

    Norakle allows you to generate your own unique QRCode and Bar Code for your product and service.

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What They Say About Us

Mr Benerd
Project Manager
Norakle gives my company a comprehensive platform that makes communication between staff and departments easier which reduces time spent on unimportant issues.
Osahon A.
Norakle has helped us focus more on productivity and less on management with its ease of use, flexibity and affordability.
Chukwu Samuel
Sales Manager of Grasrut Computers
Norakle Inventory solution is just amazing. It has taken off 85% of my workload. I can do alot just by the click of a button.